Teaching social media to 85 years old in September 2013

For a long time I have been trying to bridge the gap between my generation and seniors. I organized grandma dinners (the idea was replicated in Canada thanks to CBC coverage), interviewed retirees on their usage of new technologies (part 1, part 2), and now the next step will be a training on computers and social media I will host this September with the help of the Hospice Général, a Geneva based social institution.

The sessions will happen on Sept 19-20 and Sept 26-27 at La nouvelle Roseraie, a vacation house where the average age is 85 years old.

I look forward to see how the older citizens react to new technologies, the outlook they will have on things I take for granted like iPads, google, or wikipedia. I expect a lot of learning for both sides, a fulfilling and humbling experience. I would like to incorporate  external speakers into the program, so if you would be interested in sharing your experience with seniors don’t hesitate to contact me!


  1. Laurent Haug on Facebook

    Thanks all for the ideas and enthusiasm! It’s quite exciting to have a chance to sit down with the seniors and see what their struggles, hopes and wishes are for technology. I’ll setup a dinner with all of those interested in helping

  2. Laurent Haug on Facebook

    Florian Egger I’ll need your help to advise on choosing the most usable techs to show them, in particular which email service will be easier to use for this age range (I suspect it won’t be gmail necessarily)

  3. Stephanie Booth

    I’d love to be involved of course (I’ve had a bunch of senior clients over the years and I love working with them). Sadly I’ll be abroad on April 11th.

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