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Check monito.com before doing any money transfer

One of the pleasure of being an investor is that you get to see how the younger generation works, and while sitting on the board of Monito I get to be around an incredibly talented team that is growing into something special. The service is now very reliable and precise, so if you need to send money abroad, be sure to check monito.com as you might save up to 90%. Here is what happens when you use Paypal or Skrill to send money abroad.

“PayPal fees for international money transfers, which includes the transfer fee and the margin taken on the exchange rate, are between 3% and 10%. Skrill fees on the other hand are between 7% and 9%. This means that sending $500 from the US to France might cost you as much as $50! TransferWise, the cheapest solution currently listed in our real-time comparison table for this same transfer would cost only $5, or ten times less.”

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